Experience Unmatched Performance with the Ducati Panigale V4 SP2

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2

The Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 is Italian made. It represents artistic value and inborn engineering skill. This is not the final one in the series of Ducati’s prolific Panigale lineup. It is an obsession with unmatched speed, agility, and accuracy. The SP2 comes with the 90-degree Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine. The Panigale V4 SP2 sets a new bar for performance bikes. It would deliver unforgettable memories on your journey. This could be alone or with a close friend. Let’s Explore more about it. 

Specifications of the Panigale V4 SP2 model

Engine Power (Europe)215.5 hp at 13,000 rpm
Engine Power (US)210 hp at 12,500 rpm
Max Torque (Europe)91.2 lb.-ft. at 9,500 rpm
Max Torque (US)90.6 lb.-ft. at 11,000 rpm
Riding ModesStreet, Sport, Race A, Race B
ClutchSTM-EVO dry slipper clutch
Chain TypeLighter 520 chain
Exhaust SystemOptional titanium Akrapovič system
Enhanced Power with SystemUp to 228 hp
Weight ReductionReduces weight by 11 pounds
Suspension SystemÖhlins Smart EC 2.0 electronic control system
Front ForksÖhlins NPX 25/30, replacing NIX 30 units
Rear ShockÖhlins TTX 36

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 Price in India

A sports bike Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 available price in India is 42.36 Lakh. The on-road price of Panigale is 48.12 lakh, which includes ex-showroom price (42.36), Insurance cost (1.95 lakh), and RTO charge (3.39 lakh).

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 On-Road Price Different Cities in India

Noida ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Bulandshahar ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Gurgaon ₹ 48.12 Lakh
Ghaziabad ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Hapur ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Faridabad ₹ 48.12 Lakh
Loni ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Sonipat ₹ 48.12 Lakh
Greater Noida ₹ 50.24 Lakh
Rohtak ₹ 48.12 Lakh

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 Top Speed

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 top speed is 299 KMPH. Panigale V4 Sp2 can achieve 0-60 mph in just 3.3 sec. and all this performance thanks to the 6-speed QuickShift clutch.

Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2

This high-performance track edition superbike excels in performance and precision. It has a Service Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine. It has Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and carbon fiber wheels. A Panigale V4 SP2 is different from its competitors. It has a strong character and innovative technology. Riders are meant to experience a powerful feeling while using this tech on the track. Riders who tested it approve of the performance and handling and draws more excitement and gatherings for motorcycle collectors and fans worldwide. 

Panigale Specification

Panigale Specification

The 2022 Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 highlights a Desmosedici Stradale 90-degree V-4 motor with an uprooting of 1,103cc, delivering a guaranteed 210 hp at 12,500 rpm and 90.6 lb.– ft. of force at 11,000 rpm. It accompanies a 6-speed transmission and last drive chain. The bicycle is outfitted with first class parts, including Öhlins suspension, Brembo Stylema R brakes, and carbon fiber wheels. The SP2 additionally includes progressed hardware, for example, Bosch Cornering ABS Evo and Ducati Footing Control Evo.

Engine and Performance

The Panigale V4’s essence is the Desmosedici Stradale 90-degree, liquid-cooled engine. It has the iconic lost motion of its desmodromic valves, which Ducati patented. This plant brings full to life with a pleasing music of 215BPD.5 horses at 13,000 rpm and the greatest at 91. 2 lb.  -ft. at 9,500 rpm. SP2 provides four riding modes: Street, Sport, Race A, and Race B. This lets riders get the most from their bike. They can use the mode that fits their comfort and the road. Also, you can install an optional titanium Akrapovič exhaust in this model. It replaces the steel one and In this case, the power output will then increase up to 228 hp, making it faster than most on the racing track.

Chassis and Suspension

Aluminium is the main material for the SP2’s front chassis. It promises a new level of exciting bike handling. Suspension system is very mature, with the Smart EC 2 from Öhlins. 0 is digital and NPX 25/30 suspensions for front and TTX 36 shock for the rear. Engineers design these parts to provide the rider with a smooth ride. They do so even at high speeds and tight manoeuvres by keeping the balance and control as the rider wants. 

Design and Features

The standout feature of the Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2 is its gorgeous design. The new edition uses a lot of carbon fiber. It has carbon wheels. These are in contrast to its previous edition. They reduce unsprung mass and boost maneuverability. The SP2 also has a new tank shape. It puts the rider in a more relaxed and comfortable position. The winglets are now smoother. They let the bike resist the air and cut drag by reducing hull air drag. 

Riding Experience

The Panigale V4 SP2 is purpose-built in many ways. This is true whether you are on the racetrack or the regular road. The kick of the engine when the bike is in full throttle mode is mindblowing.  And it does not get any better than that racing mode, where the throttle is wide open. It handles well and is prompt. This lets riders steer with confidence, even in rough corners. Through the electronic riders aids, e. g. Ducati Traction Control (DTC) Evo 3 and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) Evo improve safety. They also increase control. A rider can feel the thrill of riding in a safe way. 

Technology and Innovation

Ducati has packed the SP2 with many sophisticated technologies. They enable the Panigale V4’s performance and usability. The bike sports a TFT display, which is full of colours. The display shows the rider important information. It includes the speed, gear position, and the rider’s current riding mode. The bike has a Ducati Quick Shift EVO 2. You control it with a switch on the left. It offers perfect and instant gear changes. You don’t need the clutch or to hold the load.


In conclusion, the 2022 Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 is a peak of performance. It also excels in engineering. The SP2 has a powerful engine, advanced suspension, and lightweight construction. Its class cannot match the thrilling ride it offers. This superbike delivers great performance and handling. It is a standout choice for enthusiasts and collectors. You can use it on the track or the road. It has premium features and a stunning design. The Panigale V4 SP2 is the peak of Ducati’s racing heritage. It shows their passion for innovation.

FAQs About Ducati Panigale V4 Sp2

Q1. Is the Panigale V4 SP2 suitable for daily commuting?

Ans. The Panigale V4 SP2 is a high-performance superbike. Its primary design is for track use, but riders can also use it on the street.

Q2. What sets the Panigale V4 SP2 apart from other superbikes?

Ans. The Panigale V4 SP2 stands out because of its race-derived tech. It has a strong Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine and has advanced electronics.

Q3. Can you customize or upgrade the Panigale V4 SP2?

Ans. Ducati offers accessories and parts to customize and upgrade the Panigale V4 SP2. These include exhaust systems, carbon fiber bodywork, and performance tuning kits. 

Q4. Is the Panigale V4 SP2 suitable for novice riders?

Ans. The Panigale V4 SP2 is a high-performance superbike. It is best for experienced riders, due to its powerful engine and aggressive handling. New riders may find it too fast. 

Q5. What maintenance does the Panigale V4 SP2 need?

Ans. Like any fast motorcycle, the Panigale V4 SP2 needs regular maintenance. It ensures top performance and a long life. This includes oil changes and brake inspections. It also includes regular servicing as per Ducati’s maintenance schedule.

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