Tvs Ronin 225 Strikes: Price, Features, Modern Tech and Performance

Tvs Ronin 225

TVS Ronin 225 Review – We’re about to embark on a journey through the realm of TVS’s latest cruiser offering: the TVS Ronin 225. Now, before we delve into the details, let’s address the elephant in the room – yes, the name does sound like a vigilante superhero’s alter ego. But fear not, this bike is more likely to fight urban boredom than crime syndicates.


Engine223cc Air/Oil-cooled
Power20.4 PS
Torque19.93 Nm
Mileage30-35 kmpl (claimed)
Prices₹1,49,196 – ₹1,72,700

Tvs Ronin Powerful Comeback with a Stylish Look

Tvs Ronin Powerful Comeback with a Stylish Look

In a world where most bikes seem to have sprouted from the same genetic pool, the Ronin stands out like a sore thumb (in the best way possible, of course). With its indisputable retro-styling-inspired design the bike is a tribute to those times when rides were more than transportation as they were fashionable statements.

From the bullet-shaped fuel tank to the fat handlebar, and the huge tires to the very basic bodywork, the Ronin looks like a vintage bike of the 50s and is sure to be a favorite of those who always seek for a classic charm. Anyway, these round-shaped rear-view mirrors, literally taken from a time capsule from 1960, should not be left out.

TVS Ronin 225 Price

Yes, it may not offer the highest or the fastest cruising mode, but anyway, the essence of cruising is about living the journey, not just reaching the destination. With its attractive pricing (ranging from ₹1,49,196 to ₹1,72,700), the Ronin makes a strong case for itself in the competitive cruiser segment.

Power Performance and Mileage

Power Performance and Mileage

Beneath the surface, one discovers the modern organ – a 223cc air/oil-cooled one, that makes up to 20.4 PS of the power and 19.93 Nm of the torque. What is running through your mind? Aren’t motorcycles supposed to be just cruisers? But look here, Tvs Ronin 225 has managed to achieve a subtle balance between laidback cruising and a fast drive.

Tvs Ronin 225 claimed mileage of 30-35 kmpl will not sweep you away if you are focussing on fuel elements. And by the way, if you have to worry about usual tests of acceleration, remember that true cruisers are about making a trip, not about the race to the end.

Tech-Savvy Retro

To be quite honest with you, the Ronin may look like it has just arrived from the past, but there is a variety of modern technologies hidden under its vintage skin. We’re talking about features like an all-LED system, a digital cluster to replace those clunky analog dials, and even a voice assist function for when you feel the need to virtual co-pilot.

But that’s not all – the SmartConnect system offers a plethora of connectivity options, including turn-by-turn navigation (because getting lost is so last century), race telemetry (for those who like to channel their inner Valentino Rossi), and even crash alerts (because safety first, folks).

Ride and Handling Performance

Now, let’s talk about the real meat and potatoes – how does this bad boy handle on the road? Nevertheless, for overall smoothness, the Ronin fork in the front and back are USD supported by a mono-shock unit which will help you ride smoothly over all potholes making you float like a feather on a breeze.

Make sure you don’t miss the meaty tires, that stick to the road as a koala to a eucalyptus tree. The ABS system added onto the dual-channel ABS system ensures that you don’t slip away whenever the path throws a curvy yellow slippery surface your way.

The Cruiser Battle

Of course, the Ronin doesn’t operate in a vacuum; it’s part of a diverse category that has a lot of competitors. With this being said, how does TVS ‘s latest creation compare to that of its competition?

We could as well begin with a competitor of the Honda CB350 – one of the Ronin’s primary rivals. This bike has been a loved one for years due to its classical style and quality of performance. On the other hand, the CB350 can produce more power and torque than the Ronin, and it has a more advanced technology.

The Verdict

Hence, should you decide to include the Tvs Ronin 225 in your motorcycle collection? Basically, if you’ve been looking for that bike that offers an instant connection to the best parts of the past but also packs the latest tech, and is comfy as well as engaging, then you better put your sights on this cruiser.
Eventually, the TVS Ronin is the motorcycle that recognizes itself and takes pride in it fully. It’s the spirit of freedom encased in a retro fashion base, set to bring charming individuality back to the street bikes of nowadays. Therefore, what are you still doing here? Jump in the saddle and let the Ronin show you the ride of a lifetime!

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