Harley Davidson X440 Full Specifications

Harley Davidson X440

Alright, folks, it’s time to talk Harley! The iconic American brand has just released its latest metal masterpiece in India. The Harley Davidson X440. This lean, mean, single-cylinder machine. It is poised to bring a whole new generation of riders into the Harley family. Get ready for one wild ride!

Harley Davidson X440 Price

Prepared to pay to play? In India, the Harley Davidson X440 carries a sticker price of ₹2,39,500 (around $2,900 USD). A spicy sum, but you’re getting untamed American muscle combined with modern engineering wizardry. This powerful little retro rocket is worth every pretty penny!

Harley Davidson X440 Price USA

For our brothers and sisters stateside, the X440 will lighten your wallet by a cool $4,749. Sounds steep? Just wait until you feel the torque-tactic engine. It has a premium ride and sexy style. Suddenly that number doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Harley Davidson X440 Specs

Engine440cc Air-Cooled Single
Seat Height805mm
Curb Weight190.5 kg
Width45 mm
Seat Height805mm
Ground Clearance170mm
Curb Weight190.5 kg
Fuel Capacity13.5 L
Tire Front100/90 x 18
Tire Rear140/70 x 17

Let’s get nerdy with the need-to-know numbers! The X440 has a 440cc single-cylinder engine. It is air/oil-cooled and pumps out lots of low-end torque. A slick 6-speed transmission keeps the power planted. It does so for both highway cruising and tight urban carving.

Its seat is a generous 805 mm high. The bike has a 1,418mm wheelbase and 170mm of ground clearance. These give you a relaxed, upright riding position that’s great for logging miles. Tipping the scales at 190.5 kg curb weight, the X440 is a true Goldilocks bike – not too heavy, not too light. Just right for maximum flickability and control.

Harley Davidson X440 Seat Height

At 805mm, the X440’s seat height hits that sweet spot for most riders. You get an awesome view of the road ahead without feeling like you’re starring in tiny Andrew the Giant. Even shorter pilots can flat-foot it at stoplights for maximum confidence and control.

Harley Davidson X440 Images

Harley Davidson X440 Images

Pictures? Oh, we’ve got pictures! This retro-inspired Roadster is an absolute head-turner from every angle. Check out those clean, classic lines. They have modern touches like the round signature LED headlight and chunky tires. The offered colorways are nothing short of jaw-dropping as well!

Harley Davidson X440 Vivid Black

For a moody, mean, and utterly mesmerizing look, the Vivid Black option can’t be beaten. This inky noir finish shows off every curve and contour in delicious detail. It’s like the Harley Davidson X440 emerged from the pits of Mordor looking utterly sinister (in the best way possible!).

Harley Davidson X440 Price Hyderabad

Calling all riders in the City of Pearls! You Hyderabadi horror show can score the H-D X440 for that ₹2,39,500 sticker price at authorized Harley dealers around town. That’s the same MSRP as the rest of India. Talk about a deal for such a polished gem!

Heart of the X440

Ok, time to stop drooling over the gorgeous exterior and dive into what really makes this burst of Harley’s heart race – the powerplant! That 440cc air/oil-cooled thumper looks retro-cool but packs a surprisingly modern punch.

Bore x Stroke79.6mm x 88.4mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Fuel SystemEFI

With a generous 79.6mm bore and 88.4mm stroke, plus a stout 9.5:1 compression ratio, this compact single is a little volcano just waiting to erupt! Electronic fuel injection ensures precise mixture control for that classic Harley torque curve and passing power. The whole package is wrapped in a slick blacked-out finish that screams “Yeah, I’m a bad mamma.”

Comfortance & Confidence

While the engine specs grab all the headlines, Harley’s engineers clearly put just as much effort into the X440’s chassis and ergonomics. This rocket may be small, but it offers a supremely plush and confidence-inspiring ride.

That signature H-D wide, flat handlebar puts you in a comfortable upright riding position ideal for soaking in the scenery or dominating urban canyons. The spacious rider saddle with optimized seat-to-peg geometry ensures no numb buns on those long journeys. Bringing a friend? No worries! The roomy pillion perch and grab-rails keep your co-pilot secure and pampered.

Lofty ground clearance, a tight 25.5° rake, and ideal chassis geometry conspire to deliver superb flickability and straight-line stability. Whether you’re cranking it over in the corners or devouring endless highway miles, the X440’s handling will leave you massaging more than just the tank!

Chassis & Handling

While the torquey 440cc single gets most of the glory, the X440’s chassis and running gear deserve huge props as well. This little H-D rides on a lightweight steel trellis frame that promotes an ideal weight distribution for superior handling dynamics.

Up front, beefy 41mm forks with generous suspension travel soak up even the nastiest potholes and road acne. Out back, a pair of preload-adjustable shocks allow dialing in the ideal rear ride height no matter the load. From spirited corners to long-distance touring, the X440 delivers a supremely planted and confident feeling.

Alternatives to X440

  • KTM 250 Adventure: KTM 250 Adventure is an adventure motorcycle, Starting price in India is 2.47 Lakhs. This bike is available in 1 variant with 2 color variants.
  • TVS Apache RR 310: TVS Apache RR 310 is available in India in 3 variants with 2 colors. Apache RR 310 Standard starting price is Rs. 2,71,928 with a millage of 33kmpl.
  • Keeway K300N: Keeway K300N is a motorcycle available in India in 3 Variants and 1 Color with high-end variants prices starting from 2.29 lakh. Keeway provides a 292.4 cc engine with a mileage of 32kmpl.
  • Honda CB300R: Honda CB300R is available in only 1 variant with 2 colors and the starting price is 2.72 Lakh. The mileage of this bike is 30kmpl.
  • BMW G 310 R: BMW G 310 R is available in only one variant with 4 colors and the starting price of this bike is 2,89,996. BMW provides a 313cc engine with a millage of 32kmpl.


Listen up, thrill-seekers! The Harley Davidson X440 is living proof that huge motorcycling smiles can arrive in small, affordable packages. This pocket rocket wraps iconic American style and attitude around cutting-edge engineering and premium comfort.

Sure, it may lack the brawn of its bigger siblings, but that thumping single-cylinder soul and smile-inducing handling make it a worthy addition to the Harley lineage. Whether you’re a new rider or a grizzled veteran, the X440 is guaranteed to rejuvenate your love affair with two wheels. So what are you waiting for? Join the Harley family today!

FAQs About Harley Davidson X440

Q1. How much is a Harley-Davidson X440?

Ans. The Harley-Davidson X440 has a starting price of ₹2,39,500 in India (around $2,900 USD) for the base Denim variant. The top S trim goes for ₹2,79,500.

Q2. How much horsepower does a Harley-Davidson X440 have?

Ans. The X440 pumps out a healthy 27 bhp and 38 Nm of torque from its 440cc single-cylinder engine.

Q3. What is the average mileage per liter for a Harley-Davidson X440?  

Ans. Owners report the X440 returns around 34 km (80 mpg) in real-world conditions. Harley claims 35 km from the efficient 440cc single.

Q4. What is the rpm redline of the Harley-Davidson X440?

Ans. The X440’s air-cooled 440cc thumper produces a peak power of 27.37 PS at 6,000 rpm.

Q5. What is the top variant of the X440?

Ans. The range-topping Harley-Davidson X440 S carries an ex-showroom sticker price of ₹2,79,500 in India.

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