Transform Auto Repair with Tekmetric’s Cloud-Based Shop Management System


Shop Management System Innovator in the Fast-Paced World of Automotive Repair Finally, a cloud-based shop management system was found in Tekmetric that would innovate and revolutionize the face of the automotive repair industry. Now let’s dive deep into this: what it does, its benefits, and how it plays a huge role in shaping the future of automotive service businesses.

Understanding Tekmetric

It was born out of the need to provide better methods of managing auto repair shops. Most of the methods are traditional, bulky, with many errors, and are very time-consuming. The founding team behind Tekmetric, very aware of the hassles in the industry, envisioned a platform that not only addressed these problems but got shops up to speed in the digital age.

Textmetric Sign-in page

Open a secure web browser on your computer or mobile device. Open the Tekmetric website at (for general users) or (for testing).

Log in as:

  • Navigate to the top right corner of the web page, and click on “Sign In”.
  • Submit your email and password on this sign-in page.
  • Make sure that there is no space before and after the address in your e-mail format.
  • If the error says “Invalid email/password combination,” ensure that you put in the correct email and password.
  • If you have lost your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password?” button.

Activate Your Account:

  • An activation email should have been sent to you upon account creation or after you were added as an employee.
  • Please activate your account within 24 hours by following the instructions in the email.
  • If the activation email has expired, your Shop Admin may re-send it from your employee profile in Tekmetric.

Key Features

Key Features of  Tekmetric

In general, Tekmetric works to automate and streamline daily operational activities in the auto repair shop. The features of the tool bring about the following:

  • Work Orders: Easily create, update, and track work orders, alleviating concerns about paperwork and errors.
  • Inventory Management: It has real-time inventory tracking to make sure you know when your parts are in stock, though not overstocked.
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management: The CRM system in Tekmetric is one powerful way through which building and maintaining relations with customers can be done effectively.
  • Appointment Scheduling: The possibility for customers to schedule appointments online can help the shops to effectively organize them and, in turn, reduce customer waiting time while maintaining good service.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It gives accurate reporting and analytics by which shop owners can check the status of their business, areas to improve, and set in place measures.

Tekmetric Pricing

It offers price plans which vary to separate their purpose being that of different sizes of businesses within the field of auto repairing industry. However, as it depends on the shop’s needs, these individual shop prices can sometimes be different, and they normally range from basic packages to enterprise solutions. These models will be created to grant every shop, from small mom and pop to jumbo-size medium, with easy access to the whole of Tekmetric’s automobile repair shop management portfolio at a low cost.

Tekmetric Review

The customer reviews gave evidence of the program’s efficiency and reliability, as the autoshop process management is now guided and communication with customers is greatly enhanced. The clients quote for having a simple user interface, powerful capabilities and a restorative influence on their business. Although some reviewers may indicate a few areas for further development, in general, the reviewer community backs it by saying that it is an invaluable tool of shop management in auto repair.

Tekmetric Detail

It is a world-class after-sales auto repair shop management system that not only provides independent service shops with educational materials for the customers, but also helps independent shops deliver a personalized owner experience in good old-fashion way. The platform puts control in the shop owner, utilizing the given tools. It allows shop advisors to contact customers, techs to work more efficiently, and vehicle owners to see the benefits of the platform. It process-oriented strategy is aimed at exploring all the atomospheres of auto repair shop management, rather than only considering a single aspect of it.

Tekmetric Comparisons

A contrast infusing it and other Auto Repair Shop Management System shows the crucial key features. The user-friendly interface, the comprehensive data analysis tools and the competitive rock-bottom prices, makes it clear winner and the stand-out among its competitors. Besides that, the fact it works in partnership with the BG products creates added benefits which makes this tool to be highly valuable to the different auto shops around the world.

Tekmetric Alternatives

Even though this is a major participant in the shop management sector for automobiles with several options on the market for shop owners to compare, this product still seems one of the best on the market. A variety of competitors may do so by introducing different sets of features or schemes that meet particular needs in the way they are priced. Shop owners should carefully evaluate these alternatives to determine which one best meets their requirements for auto repair shop management.

Service Advisors

Its service advisors are enabled with tools to suit their needs when working effectively. In addition, these tools help in managing repair orders and communicating with customers. The system integration with customer history and the real-time highlighting of repair status enable service advisors to stay on top of recommended activities and to provide customers with information that they need for vehicle repairs every single time.


While employees have access to devices and their workflow is optimized, they become more productive in utilizing their time. Technicians get an opportunity to access the repair orders, detailed notes, and visual documentation of MPI results anytime they need them – this really is a helping hand for them to run work efficiently, on the one hand, and to communicate well with service advisers and customers on the other.

Vehicle Owners

It offers vehicle owners maintenance and repair services with the option of customers having an opportunity to inspect and verify the work that has been done on their vehicles. Owners can get estimate descriptions and pictures for the proposed repair work assigned to them, so they can approve or decline jobs at the time they prefer. At this point, accountability is appreciated by the customer who subsequently develops a positive attitude towards the service shop leading to high customer satisfaction.


Tekmetric is not only a shop management system; it’s more of a revolution in the auto repair industry. Innovation in its features and user-centered design sets the best standards for the most effective customer service. With the development of the industry, It will definitely stay in the vanguard, drive innovations, and help shops flourish in the digital era.

FAQs About Tekmetric

Q1. What are the benefits that come with using this for service?

Ans. Features of this software include a job board that updates in real-time the status of any repair being carried out, so service advisors are always on top of their job and may update customers at every step of the process. 

Q2. How does it empower technician efficiency?

Ans. This platform puts all of the tools technicians need right at their fingertips: all the detailed notes, the repair order, visual documentation, and all the tools they need. 

Q3. What type of transparency features does it have for vehicle owners?

Ans. It enables an auto repair shop to be able to send text or email estimates with photos of recommended repair work, hence being transparent and allowing customers to give approvals or decline jobs on their own time. 

Q4. What are the tangible benefits of the BG and Tekmetric partnership?

Ans. This reflects a significant rise in the sales of BG products due to the partnership with this, where the company even records more than half of the repair orders are closed with at least one BG product.

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