Legendary Toyota Supra MK4: A True Sports Car Icon

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The Toyota Supra MK4 is an automotive icon that has cemented its place in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts worldwide. This classic sports car has elegant lines, a ferocious engine, and a high level of performance that is everybody’s dream come true. Whether you are an absolute Supra fan to someone who likes exceptional vehicles, the MK4 is a piece of art in itself and deserves spotlighting.

Engine3.0L Inline-6, Turbo or Naturally Aspirated
Transmission6-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic
Horsepower220 hp (NA) / 320 hp (Turbo)
0-60 mph4.6 seconds (Turbo)
Top Speed155 mph (Electronically Limited)
Curb Weight3,400 lbs
Motorsport SuccessProminent in Group A (international) and JGTC/Super GT (Japan)
Notable Awards– Motor Trend “Import Car of the Year” – Car and Driver “Ten Best” (1983, 1984) – Popular Mechanics “Design & Engineering” (1994) – Car and Driver “10Best” (2020, 2021, 2023) – MotorWeek “Best Sports Coupe” (2020, 2021) – Auto Bild “Golden Steering Wheel” (2019) – Esquire “Car of the Year” (2019) – Sport Auto “Best Handling Car 2020” – Automobile “All-Stars” (2020) – SEMA “Sport Compact of the Year” (2021)
Toyota Supra MK4 Price In India₹ 85 Lakh

Styling and Design

Styling and Design

The Supra MK4 is a sight to behold, with a design that is both aggressive and elegant. The beautiful proportion between the curvy body panels front and pop-up headlights create a visual display of athleticism and purpose. Noticing the rear end and the spoiler on the top with the tail lights that are wrapped around, it is clearly so distinct that it leaves the same signature look.

Under the Hood

But the superstrings of Supra MK4 are very essential from underneath. The car came in two flavors: the naturally aspirated engine or a turbocharged version of the 3.0L Toyota I-6 Exotica. The naturally derived compressor provides a plant to our systematic engines with 220 horsepower and a turbo-boost variant fuels our boosted engines with 320 horsepower which was startled for the era.

Performance and Handling

This car just came with that stunt power it became the true defining personality of the world of car sport. The car was able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.6 seconds, but its true performance was not limited to this fastest speed, as the top speed of the Supra was electronically limited to 155 mph. However, its handling also proved perfect, powered by the rear-wheel drive platform and its precise suspension settings.

2024 Supra MK4 Mileage

2024 Supra mk4 Mileage depends on the model depending upon the tank size. We are presenting quick data on the same:

ModelExpected Mileage (EPA estimate)
Supra 3.0L25 MPG city / 31 MPG
Supra 2.0L25 MPG city / 35 MPG highway

Toyota Supra MK4 Price In India

Although Toyota stopped production of the popular Supra MK4, car lovers in India are still counting down the days to its reincarnation. It might not have been long gone but the rumors of a possible return of the Supra nameplat along with strong Toyota Supra Price In India e to the Indian market had floating around. Now, that waiting period may come to an end.

It is reported by industry sources that the Supra, the fifth generation of which is launched by Toyota, will be introduced to India in the year 2024. With the expected Supra MK4 price in india ranges around ₹ 85 lakh in India, it will be among the most premium offerings in the Indian market. Although the taxes completely depend upon The combination of the Supra’s legendary heritage, its BMW-sourced underpinnings, and its blistering performance is expected to make it a highly desirable acquisition for those seeking a true driver’s car.

Prospective buyers in India will be able to place their bookings for the Supra Price In India closer to the launch date, as Toyota gears up to reintroduce this iconic nameplate to the Indian automotive landscape.

Motorsport Dominance

The Toyota Supra is a car in racing history legend, and I still vividly recall the great record of the MK4 model in particular. One of the most outstanding examples was the Castrol TOM’S Supra GT500 racecar of 1997 which was an embodiment of the Supra’s immense performance and engineering brilliance.

Throughout its history, the Supra served as the main race car for various premier racing series, such as the Group A international championship and the well-known JGTC/Super GT series in Japan. The car has proven itself to be the number one in the world in these life-stressing races, which shows its greatness in such characteristics as handling, power as well as reliability.

Accolades and Awards


The Subra MK4’s greatness has not been unrecognized, as well, and the vehicle has many various awards. Model A60, a brand-new design, was by the Motor Trend magazine selected for “Import Car of the Year” in 1983, and ’84 passed the Car and Driver “Ten Best “List of 1983 and 1984 as well.

The Supra A80 reinforced this respect for excellence, being awarded the “Design & Engineering” distinction from Popular Mechanics in 1994. Now, the latest and the 5th model Supreme – the new GR Supra, again has been included to the 10Best Cars of the Car and Driver Magazine in 2020, 2021, and 2023, while also winning the Sports Car category in the magazine’s Editor’s Choice list for many consecutive years.

The GR Supra has also been recognized as the “Best Sports Coupe” by MotorWeek magazine in both 2020 and 2021, and it won the prestigious “Golden Steering Wheel” award from Auto Bild and was named “Car of the Year” by Esquire magazine in 2019. Additionally, the GR Supra was awarded “Best Handling Car 2020” by Sport Auto magazine and was the Automobile magazine’s 2020 Automobile All-Stars winner.

In 2021, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) further cemented the Supra’s status as a true icon by honoring the fifth-generation model as the “Sport Compact of the Year.”

Production Timeline

The Supra’s journey has been a long and storied one, with the nameplate tracing its roots back to the Celica Supra A40 that debuted in 1979.

  • Through the span of years, The Supra model has continued to enhance and upgrade, by developing its structure upon the predecessors’ successes.
  • The I6 DOHC 5M-GE engine of the A60 Celica Supra (1982) was more powerful, and the A70 Supra (1986) became the single model, separated from the Celica.
  • The AOT Supra was introduced in 1993 with the powerful 2JZ-GTE turbocharged engine that has since then had a huge popularity among motoring enthusiasts.
  • The turbo model received a further power boost of 173 kW already in 1989, another symbol of the Supra’s hard-wrought supremacy as a genuine performance icon.
  • As a result of a period of sustained popularity and success, the production of the A80 Supra in 2002 finally came to an end, with enthusiasts now eagerly anticipating the comeback of the legendary automobile.
  • The wait had got so disappointingly long, and as at last the year 2019 came last, Toyota launched the series Five of GR Supra. It was a new chapter in the Supra’s history.

A Timeless Icon

In spite of the fact that the years passed, the Toyota Supra model MK4 still ranks as an indelible icon in the auto sector. Their power, control, and striking beauty have made them the ultimate in the hearts of lovers all over the world. Whether you are a seasoned Supra owner or you are one who simply adores a well-built sports car, the MK4 is a pure piece of artwork that will not only leave you entertained but also will leave an everlasting mark on your memory.

Long-lasting Design and Attractiveness

The Toyota Supra MK4 is an automotive design icon, characterized by a sharp and angular shape that has been applauded for years now. The car’s front end is elongated with prominent pop-up headlights. The body panels hug the lines forward and the prominent rear spoiler is also seen. The whole appearance gives a demeanor of power and purpose. This timeless aesthetic has cemented the MK4’s status as one of the most recognizable sports cars ever produced.

Engineering Prowess and Performance

Under the hood, the Supra MK 4 was a true engineering marvel. Powered by either a naturally aspirated or turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, the Supra delivered awe-inspiring performance. Of the two, the naturally aspirated version was able to achieve 220 horsepower, while the turbo version’s leap to 320 horsepower was simply unprecedented for that time.

Of course, this high performance was thanks to the car’s unique layout and very well-tuned suspension. The zero to sixty mph acceleration time was a breathtaking 4.6 seconds and the top speed was 155 mph (electronic limiter), making the MK4 a real head-turner on the street and the race course.

Which Supra has 3000 hp?

One of the key features that has contributed to the Supra MK 4’s legendary status is its 2JZ straight-six engine. These engines are by and large known for their outstanding toughness and at the same time they provide the opportunity to get a horsepower of over 3000 which some Supra racers succeed in getting.

Why is Supra MK4 so famous?

The Supra design’s timelessness, uncontested performance, and virtually undisturbed engine have seen it through many passionate years on the road. The model’s distinctive look of the late 90s as well as the engineering and technology updates set the Supra firmly in the category of sports car icons. The Supra’s legacy continues to fascinate car enthusiasts across the globe.


The order of Toyota Supra MK4 is a car that truly deserves no introduction. With its legendary performance, breathtaking design, and rich motorsport history – the car is a sports car that has stood the test of time and is still fascinating enthusiasts from all around the world. A supercar like the Supra is a true rarity, and people who get the chance to drive or own one must consider themselves very lucky. In reality, this is a masterpiece of art that will make anybody who comes in touch with it fall in love with it easily.

FAQs About Supra Mk4

Q1. How much is Toyota supra mk4 price in india?

Ans. Toyota Supra mk4 price in India is expected to be priced starting from around Rs. 85,00,000 (85 Lakhs) in India.

Q2. Which Supra has 3000 hp?

Ans. The 2JZ straight-six engine found in the Supra is famous for its ability to produce massive power, even some Supra racers reaching as much as above 3000 horsepower from these engines.

Q3. Can I purchase the Supra in India?

Ans. Of course, the Toyota Supra is supposed to be released in India as well. The launch date is not confirmed yet, but the price range is likely to be between Rs.85 Lakh. The Supra will only be offered with a petrol engine option and will compete with cars like the F-TYPE, Defender, and M2.

Q4. Is the Supra a 4-Seater?

Ans. No, the Toyota Supra is a 2-seater coupe. It comes standard with combination leather and Alcantara upholstery, heated seats, an 8-way manually adjustable driver’s seat, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

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