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Rushlane has been ranked among India’s leading auto news websites and caters to those who are involved in the automotive business. Both those who are into car retailing, manufacturing, investments, or just plain enthusiasts because this website offers the most relevant and updated information about anything about the automotive world in India. Whether it is car and bike models newly launched ones, electric automobiles, or commercial vehicles, it has them all in auto news and reviews. Let’s Learn more about it and its services.

About Rushlane

Rushlane is one of India’s leading auto-news websites, which covers auto-updates, both fresh and the most exhaustive. It was founded in 2008 and is currently managed by Mayur Sabharwal and was co-founded by Sagar Patel.  It has become the ultimate online destination for automobile lovers and those who are in the industry dealing with automobile dealings, investors, etc.

Daily News Updates

Developing a blog, the main focus of this platform is to provide readers with updates and trending news on the progress of the automotive industry. They get the latest information from every corner of the world and thus, strive to post articles on their blog every day. Whether it is new car launch details, a bike unveil, or an update on advancements in electric vehicles, everything is available here at the ready. Expert writers and insiders make up a dedicated team, and They spare no effort to ensure that you receive the finest up-to-date news stories.

Domestic Sales and Exports Reports

Knowledge of market shifts remains rather important for individuals potentially involved in the automotive industry as well as for investors. Further, Rushlane gives a comprehensive report on domestic sales and exports giving a description and analysis of the market and customer trends. Their reports correspond to the key industry indicators, which means you will have all the information needed for decision-making.

Comprehensive Coverage

This involves a vast coverage of topics relative to the broad automotive industry. Here’s a closer look at what this website offers:


Rushlane offers a full range of vehicles, including sedans, jeeps, SUV vehicles, hatchback vehicles, luxury vehicles, and more. With practical tips on how to handle different situations on the road, essential car features, or details regarding the newest trends in automobile production, the car section contains useful information for every car aficionado regardless of the subject matter.

Bikes and Motorcycles

Cycling lovers, especially motorcycle lovers, will have lots of things to tell people about. This is why it provides the readers with an overview of cruisers, sportbikes, and other types of motorcycles, as well as insights into the motorcycles’ performance, information about the new models, and their key features.


When it comes to scooters in a certain country, since they are widely adopted, guarantee that all areas are well covered. From new electric scooters to the latest petrol bikes, do you know what the current best in the market? They keep you updated.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

While the global emphasis on the use of environmentally friendly automobiles advances, assess the market of electric cars. Their news sections of different articles cover the current launches of electric cars, new technology in cars, and current market trends.

Commercial Vehicles

To transport personnel and logistics providers, they offer information and unprejudiced evaluations of commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, and buses. Be updated on the models, what is new in them the various capabilities and strengths of the models, or their overall efficiency.

Expert Reviews

Expert car reviews are useful in that they offer opinions on the newest vehicles which are often expressed honestly by the reviewer. When reviewing, we do not only evaluate the overall performance and design but also key specification options and cost to ensure offer an informed decision.

How to contact with RushLane

That is why RushLane. com is dedicated to promoting an interesting and friendly community of auto enthusiasts and industry insiders. You can communicate with them on:

Facebook Groups

This platform operates five specialized Facebook groups to cater to different interests within the automotive community:

  • Crashlane: Specifies Accidents or Crashes, Fires, and Dangerous Driving Occurrences.
  • Spylane: Discussed and monitored vehicles when on the test.
  • Snaglane: An enabler of discourse specifically targeted vehicular and offered service issues.
  • Infolane: Responds to queries connected with automobiles and bicycles.
  • Memelane: A zone in which to post recreational car memes.

Social Media

You can follow this website on Twitter and use hashtag #vitc on Instagram for regular updates and content. From the official Common Clinic pages you can easily follow and interact with other like-minded auto lovers.

WhatsApp and Telegram

Do not miss out on their new articles and important topics by subscribing to WhatsApp Group or Telegram Channel. Stay informed with the latest addenda and new features on the go.


However, it would be pertinent to mention here that it is far more than an auto news portal: This is an active auto community of passionate car enthusiasts, auto industry players, and investors. There’s nothing quite like the New York International Auto Show event which aims to provide you up to date information and content on all the latest happenings in the automobile industry. You may be looking for news about new models, reviews by professionals, or readers ‘comments – whatever you need, you will find on RushLane.


FAQs About RushLane

Q1. What does it cover?

Ans. It covers a wide range of topics in the automotive industry, including cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, and industry news.

Q2. What is RushLane for?

Ans. It is for auto enthusiasts, industry executives, dealers, investors, and anyone interested in staying updated with the latest updates and reviews on the automotive sector in India.

Q3. Is this legal?

Ans. Yes, It is a legal website having registered headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra.  

Q4. How can I connect with RushLane?

Ans. You can connect with it through various channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, via email at, or on WhatsApp at +91-9925463475.

Q5. Does it offer buying or selling services?

Ans. No, It doesn’t facilitate the buying or selling of vehicles through its website or social media channels. It focuses solely on providing news, reviews, and information about the automotive industry.

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